Margie L Boylan
September 6, 1950 - October 16, 2019

Margie L Boylan

Margie L Boylan
Sep 6, 1950 - Oct 16, 2019

Margie L Boylan
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Margie passed away on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at the Shenandoah Medical Center. Memorials in lieu of flowers may be directed to the Shenandoah Public Library Foundation at 201 S Elm Street, Shenandoah, IA 51601 in honor of Margie Boylan.

A Celebration of Life Service Open House will take place on Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Community Room in the Shenandoah Public Library. Everyone is invited to come and share uplifting memories of Margie.

On September 6, 1950 a daughter was born to Dorman "Don" and Ruth Keller in Des Moines, Iowa, they named her Margie Lu. Margie attended school in West Des Moines and graduated from Valley High School with the Class of 1968. She then went on to attend college at Iowa State University where she received her Bachelors Degree.

Following graduation Margie moved to San Francisco where she worked as a bank manger for several years before being a manager of a local food coop. She returned to school obtaining her BSN in Nursing from the University of San Francisco. She then went to work for Potrero Hill Hospital until 1982 when she moved to Shenandoah. Margie began a career at Shenandoah Medical Center that would span 32 years. She worked as a registered nurse, as an Emergency Room Manager, in the oncology department, in outpatient care, and lastly as Chief Operating Officer. She was also active on the family farm, by driving a truck and running the farm operations.

On September 1, 1984 Margie was united in marriage to Carl Boylan. The couple made their home on the family farm outside of Shenandoah. Margie loved working in the garden, tending to her flowers, traveling and spending time with family. She was on the Shenandoah Public Library Board where she served as President. The work she did was instrumental in securing the funding to build the new library addition.

Margie is survived by her husband Carl, brother Jed Keller (Patti), sister-in-law, Betty Miller, brother-in-law, Ron Stewart, aunts Shirley Fouche and Donabelle (Kenneth) Graham, nephews Chris Miller (Angie Schmidt), Scott Steward (Jennifer), Phil Wright (Suzy), Brian Graham (Sandy), Allan Graham (Gina) and Thad Graham (Kris), nieces Anne Hartley (Matt), Jennie Stillwell (Kevin), Alice Bryan and Janice Munneke (Alan), other relatives and a host of good friends.


Ron McGuire on Dec 8, 2019

We never met. I knew Margie in San Francisco over 40 years ago. She was a leader in a project involving thousands of people where we worked to stop the eviction of elderly Filipino and Chinese tenants from a hotel in downtown San Francisco. Margie was an extraordinary spirit of clarity, compassion, courage, commitment and charisma. She brought out the best in those of us who knew her in our political work and in our personal lives. Margie lived by her ideals and she led by example. But Margie was a doer who had the capacity to turn dreams into reality. She also was a natural leader who created consensus and generated confidence in the rest of us. I am a better person because of Margie. Those of us who knew her know that your loss is irreplaceable. But you are blessed to have had her love in your life for so long. As she was to have found the love of her life in you.

David W Reardon on Dec 8, 2019

Greetings to you, the Family of Margie Boylan, known to me as Margie Lou Keller.

My name is David Reardon, a San Francisco native and current resident.
I am 72, a former truck driver and retired San Francisco city bus driver.

In approximately 1971/1972, Margie and I were housemates at 2703 21st St. in San Francisco. Our household included Elizabeth “Betty” Carlson, Donald “Mark” Ritchie and Ronald Bray.

We were all volunteers and co-workers in a non-profit consumer co-op corner grocery store,
called Seeds of Life/Semillas de Vida. This co-op, to the best of my knowledge was began by Margie, Mark and Betty.

It was the seed from which a large group of co-op foodstores and wholesale natural food suppliers grew- The SF People’s Food System.
These institutions were a mix of consumer co-ops and worker controlled collectives.

Approximately forty years ago was the last time I saw Margie.
I remember her as very serious, and a hard worker with a strong sense of humor.

The People’s Food System was a profound and bold contribution to the society at that moment. (see: Other Avenues Are Possible by Shanta Nimbark Sacharoff )
It shaped our lives, our neighborhoods, the community in general and contributed to the good and up standing persons that my wife and I are today.

Ellen and I met in the People’s Food System as co-workers in 1974 and raised an outstanding daughter, an immigration attorney who embodies our values, many of which have roots in the People’s Food System founded in part by Margie.

As a member of SFCW, the People’s Food System wholesale food provider, I often made deliveries of flour and other ingredients to The People’s Bakery where Margie, in my opinion, was the principal. She and her fellow bakers always set up a fresh and warm loaf of bread with a hunk of butter on a cutting board for us visitors.

This then is my memory of Margie- me eating fresh bread and butter and she in the background dusted with flour, wearing her traditional red or blue workingman’s
handkerchief on her head and laughing infectiously.

I regret her passing and offer you my thoughts and sympathy.

David W. Reardon

Gayle Teget on Nov 5, 2019

Margie was a dear person, an awesome nurse, and better friend to all who knew her. Her smile was contagious, and her calm and competent presence in the ER was a gift to the staff and the patients. Her service on the Shenandoah Library Board was indeed notable. Our deep sympathy to her family. John and Gayle Teget

Dennis Stanley on Oct 30, 2019

Margie was my cousin who was the closest in age to myself. I recall the wonderful times visiting the Midwest to see her family and the extended family in Humeston, Iowa. Most notable will always be my last visit in 2017 when my wife and I and Aunt Shirley got stuck in the mud on a road leading up to the Boylan farm. No one else would come to rescue us. Margie, with the help of a neighbor, put herself in harms way to rescue us. By the time we were extricated from the mud Margie was covered from head to toe in mud! Will always miss you, Margie!

Barb Martin on Oct 23, 2019

Carl and family,
I'm so sorry for the loss of Margie. She was so kind and gentle, a wonderful nurse. She will truly be missed.

Larry Danforth on Oct 22, 2019

Carl, so sorry to hear of Margie's passing.

nina saltman on Oct 21, 2019

I knew Margie in San Francisco. She and I were roommates for several years before we both married our respective husbands. She was one of the most principled, kind, smart, fun people I have ever known. I am fortunate that we remained close over the years despite the geographical distance between us. Losing her has left a big hole in the universe. I will miss her profoundly.

Rich and Cindy (Simpson) Drake on Oct 21, 2019

Carl, I'm sorry for your loss. I did not know your wife but from the sounds of it, I missed out on knowing a wonderful person. May the grace and blessings of the Lord be with you. Cindy Simpson Drake,

Bob Longman on Oct 21, 2019


We are so sorry for your loss. Marjie always had a smile and was one of the most positive people I have ever know. Just being in her presence was an uplifting experience. Let's get together sometime this winter for dinner; I miss spending time with you.

Bob Longman

Greg and Francoise Mathis on Oct 20, 2019

Carl and I are old high school buddies. My wife and I got to know Margie through Carl. Immediate first impressions were that she was smart, compassionate, and very caring. That first impression was accurate and still evident when my wife and I visited them three weeks ago in their home. She will be truly missed by many.

Christel Jorgenson on Oct 20, 2019

Carl and Margie and I had been friends since college. Margie’s spirit, good sense, and humor were all remarkable. It’s hard to imagine the world without her.

Diane Mullenberg on Oct 19, 2019

I remember meeting Margie when she came into Hy-Vee and always very friendly and sincere lady whom will be missed.. MAy the family find peace and comfort as all mourn for Margie

Bill & Laura Danforth on Oct 19, 2019

Margie’s smile and caring personality will live on in all our hearts. We were all blessed to have known such a great lady. Carl, our thoughts are with you. If you or the family need anything, don’t hesitate to call us.

Kirk and Sherry Shearer on Oct 19, 2019

Carl, so sorry to hear of your lose. Always enjoyed are time together. Such a sweet and caring person not to mention a smart business partner on your farm. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her but her suffering is over and she’ll be waiting for you with her god in heaven.

Janet Sturdevant on Oct 19, 2019

Margie always had a smile,always gave respect to me and was a wonderful example to the nursing profession. We always discussed flowers and gardening and things in the natural world.Also things in the unnatural world such as politics. I will miss her

Julie on Oct 19, 2019

Margie was such a beautiful person inside and out. She was such a blessing in my life. She helped me through many tough times being so supportive and patient. Her smile could light up a room. My thoughts and prayers to her family. She will be greatly missed.

Lori Miles Smith on Oct 19, 2019

My heart was saddened to hear about Margie. I always loved her smile and joy she shared.

Dennis and Kathy Bayless on Oct 19, 2019

Thinking of your family. Margie had the true spirit of kindness and a zest for helping others. She will be missed. So sorry for your loss.

Donna Bopp on Oct 19, 2019

So sorry to hear this always enjoyed running into you two sending our sympathy and prayers for peace the Bopp family

Rita Gibson on Oct 19, 2019

Margie was a great person and wonderful caring nurse,so sad to hear of her passing. She will truly be missed. Prayers to the family

Dave Widger on Oct 18, 2019

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self control. The Fruit of the Spirit. Margie truly exemplified these traits. And I would add professionalism, compassion and knowledge. The total package when it comes to nursing and as a person.

Wes Meyerholtz on Oct 18, 2019

While working for the Shenandoah Rescue Squad, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Margie in ER. It never ceased to amaze me of Margie's professionalism without ever losing her kindness and verve as a nurse. She never lost that verve and friendliness as I often saw her shopping. I am so glad to have known her both professionally and as a friend. My thoughts are with her family.

Lena Gruber on Oct 18, 2019

Margie is one person I will never forget. She took me under her wing as a graduate nurse and I learned more from her in the years we worked in the ER together than I learned in nursing school. She was the smartest, most energetic, and most compassionate nurse I ever worked with. I know she is among the most blest in heaven.

Valerie Glenn on Oct 18, 2019

Margie was a great person all around. So sad to hear this. Prayers to all of the family.

Bryce and Becky Pringle on Oct 18, 2019

I was blessed to get to know and work with Margie while serving on the SMH Board. Margie was a special person, highly competent, dedicated, always smiling and pleasant. Her legacy at SMH will endure.

Lisa Kinman on Oct 18, 2019

Margie impacted the lives of many people including family, friends, coworkers, and her patients! She was a great mentor to me and all she worked with plus a great leader , never making anyone feel the lessor and bringing out the best in all she came in contact with. She handled life with great humility and grace. May she rest in eternal peace. My sincere condolences to all.

Pat Perkins on Oct 18, 2019

Marge was one of kindest caring nurses Shenandoah has had to serve the Shenandoah and surrounding area. She was so sweet and I am so sad to hear this news. I will keep her family in my prayers.

Bernie & Linda Veak on Oct 18, 2019

Carl, Since moving away from the area, I always turn to kmaland each morning to see what has happened. This morning Linda and I were so shocked at seeing of Margie's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sadness. She will be so missed.

Tina Carpenter on Oct 18, 2019

Saddened to hear of Margie passing. She was so very kind and will be missed by many. My condolences to her family.

Teresa Jones on Oct 18, 2019

So sad to hear of Margie's passing. I enjoyed working with her and learning from her. She was a great mentor and coworker.

Christopher Isaacson on Oct 18, 2019

We are so saddened to hear of Margie's passing. She was such a giving and wonderful person who will be missed dearly.

Deb Michel on Oct 17, 2019

I enjoyed working with Margie at the Shenandoah hospital. She was a wonderful mentor; a beautiful lady... 🙏

Gayle Teget on Oct 17, 2019

John and I send our sympathy to you. I loved my years working with Margie at the hospital, and John so appreciated serving with Margie on the Library Board. She was a remarkable person, woman, nurse, friend...and wife. John and Gayle Teget

Stephen Berning on Oct 17, 2019

Carl-- we are so sorry for your heartache---Margie was a terrific person in every way---we were honored to know her and want to share our deepest sympathy. Steve & Nancy Berning

Tom & Sue Spears on Oct 17, 2019

Carl, Tom and I are so sorry to hear about the passing of Margie. She was such a sweet and friendly person. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Tom & Sue Spears

Sharon Aistrope on Oct 17, 2019

Carl I am so heartbroken to hear the news about Margie she was the sweetest most caring person I loved working with her at the hospital please know you are in my thoughts and prayers
Deepest sympathy Sharon Lee Aistrope



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