Ambrose J. Doyle
September 15, 1925 - September 20, 2012

Ambrose J. Doyle

Ambrose J. Doyle
Sep 15, 1925 - Sep 20, 2012

Ambrose J. Doyle

Ambrose James Doyle was born to Anna Marie (Laughlin) Doyle and Joseph Patrick Doyle on September 15th, 1925. He was raised the fourth of eight children in Mills County, Iowa and lived the majority of his life in rural Fremont County near Randolph, Iowa. His final years were spent in Aurora, Colorado at the Fitzsimons Veteran's Home where he made many friends and will be missed by all.

As a young boy, Ambrose attended Glen Country School near his childhood home. As a young man he served his country in the Army. Ambrose was first drafted for service into World War II, he was sent to Chicago and on to Fort Hood, Texas; however he did not serve until later because World War II ended before he would arrive in theatre. Ambrose's military career restarted in Fort Hood, Texas, in 1951 where he was a top military policeman. He was then dispatched to South Korea where he was especially proud of his work building airfields as a combat engineer near Teague, South Korea during the Korean conflict.

Upon returning from the service, Ambrose, through his dedication to hard work, found success in several enterprising businesses that complimented his farming and livestock operation including Pioneer seed corn, corn shelling, trucking, custom combining, and what in later years became his hobby of trading Ag-related products. In the early 1970's Ambrose also pursued his political aspirations, running for several political offices.

Ambrose was an active member of St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Imogene.

Ambrose had a gift for buying and selling and had he chosen to, could have been a best selling author of a book detailing the "art of the deal". The unique sparkle in his eyes reflected his special passion for being with and sharing his unconditional love and generosity with family. This passion was returned by all those who had the privilege of knowing and loving this special man.

Preceded in death by parents Anna and Joe; siblings - Maurice, Edward, Mary, Kenneth, John, and other numerous family and friends

Survived By: Siblings-Donald of Imogene, IA, Shirley of Omaha, NE; Children-Patty (Tom) Niedermyer of Magnolia, IA, Kenneth (Margie) Doyle of Waukee, IA, Charlene (Robert) Boehm of Council Bluffs, IA, and Joanne (Mark) Faul of Parker, CO;. Grandchildren-Christina, Bridget, Bruce, Linsey, Ashley, Doyle, Anna, and Gannon; Great-Grandchildren-Rylee and Tenley

Memorials can be made to: The St. Patrick Catholic Church or The Sidney Senior Center


Irma Murphy-Peterson on Oct 13, 2012

I sent a codolance Mass and votive candle card to
Kaathleen. Hope all is well with everyone. I met Ambrose. one day he walked in our yard looking for Artie Murphy, they had been on a Farm trip toghther, I sent him in to Fonda where he met up with Artie and Gene they returned home. we all had dinner together, which in time led to communicating over the years. Ambrose enjoyed coming for phesant hunting in the fall. He became friends with all the Fonda relatives.

Irma Murphy-Peterson on Oct 6, 2012

I wish to extend my condolence to all the children and Kathleen. They were a very special couple and friends of both Gene and myself. We all have things in our life that are troublesome and sometimes God gives us the strength to make adjustments. Blessings to all. Irma

Steve Fabrizio on Sep 27, 2012

Joanne,Ken, Patty and Charlene, I can not tell you how honored I was to know your dad. The time he spent at CSVNH was short but I got to know your dad and he was very special. Ambrose would share his love of the mid west with me and of course he shared HIS Omaha World Herald and the Valley Newspaper. I will miss Ambrose and all of his stories as well as his friendship. May god bless you all and you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Tracy Francois on Sep 26, 2012

It is with a heavy heart that I write this. I am saddened to hear that Ambrose has passed away.
I did not meet Ambrose until he was already well into his senior years. He and I just hit it off, and though distance separated us over the past year or so, we remained forever friends. I feel very blessed to have called him my friend, and only wish that I had met him sooner. Ambrose was the most generous man, and I have no doubt he helped many people that none of us will ever know about. Ambrose loved to talk about his kids and grandkids with me, and no man has loved his family more than he loved his family. He was proud of each and every one of them, and I could always tell that he was a dad who knew how to love his kids unconditionally. I loved talking to Ambrose about his Irish heritage, as I am also a granddaughter of Irish immigrants. I am so very glad that I was one of the lucky ones whose life was enriched because of Ambrose. I can imagine Ambrose saying something like "Don't cry for me. I had a good, long life. I couldn't ask for more." Until we meet again, Ambrose, my friend, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

Beth Hunting Towne on Sep 26, 2012

Patty, Kenny Charlene & Joanne..So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I still remember that smile and glint in his eye whenever I would talk to him...never knew what he would do or say next! May your wonderful memories of him comfort you in the coming days..Sending you my thoughts and prayers.

Jane (Winkler) Dwornicki on Sep 25, 2012

Very sorry to hear about your Dad. He was a special person. I have memories of him from my years in 4-H, and also from when I worked at Percival Grain. He and my dad were friends. My sympathy to you on your loss.

The Claxton Family on Sep 25, 2012

We are very saddened to hear of Mr. Doyle's passing. We were lucky to have met Ambrose during past Holidays while he was visiting with his daughter Joanne, her husband Mark and their wonderful children Doyle, Anna and Gannon. I am reminded of what an entertaining person he was. Always a great story to tell and all around just a wonderful, caring, giving and funny man! You are blessed to have had such a great father/grandfather, he will be missed.

Randy & Rawn Weston on Sep 25, 2012

Patty, I loved reading your message-dad's are pretty special to their "little" girls- your dad will be watching and helping from above, your memories will always be there- Randy's and my condolences - our sympathy with God's blessings

Joan McGargill Durr on Sep 25, 2012

Picture of Ambrose's last visit to my house. God be with you, Dear Ambrose!

Love, your favorite cousin, Joanne

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." - Psalm 116:15

Sarah Dritz on Sep 25, 2012

We were saddened by the news of Ambrose "moving on". I went to college with Joanne and are still best of friends today. We live in Minneapolis but get to see Joanne and her family at least once a year on our ski journeys to Colorado. Last Thanksgiving I was able to visit Ambrose. I hadn't seen him in years, but had current updates from Joanne. He hadn't changed a bit. Sure he had aged, but he was as witty and funny and as proud of his family as ever. He loved to tell stories and he knew everyone around him. He could strike up a conversation with anyone and make them smile. He had such a special gift. Joanne had told me in college how he liked to negotiate. When it was time for Joanne to get a used car to take to college he told her never to show the salesman she liked the car. He gave her a code word to use if she saw something she liked, and off the two went. Once she gave him the code word, he would move in and negotiate a price. I'm sure the salesman had no idea what hit him :) He would tell Joanne the art of negotiation was to always be able to walk away, you really didn't need it. She took that lesson and passed it on to us on the beaches of Mexico in bartering for jewelry. I thought of Ambrose as she did it. He would have been proud.

He will be remembered and missed dearly.

Christa Reichert on Sep 24, 2012

Dear sweet Ambrose will always be near and dear to my heart. Joanne and I went to college together, were in each other's weddings, and still are close like family. I spoke with Ambrose on the phone when in Denver with Joanne just this summer and he made me smile as he spoke of being in one of the best 'resting' homes around and how much he was loving being near his daughter and what a wonderful person she is...I told him like father like daughter! I will miss him and hold him in high esteem in my memories forever!

Bridget Langston Conner on Sep 24, 2012

I will never forget the time he wanted to
treat me and my mom to KFC and I went with him showing him how to get there!
What my 10 y/o brain did not know was no left turn on Farnam St and a police officer in tow and poor old Uncle Ambrose got a ticket on our way back from KFC! He never mentioned it but I never forgot, he could always find the fun in
everything! Always loved to hear him laugh. Love you always Uncle Ambrose! You will never be forgotten. Sincerely, The Doyle Family is in my thoughts and prayers!

Bridget Langston Conner on Sep 24, 2012

So sorry to hear about Ambrose!  I will never forget the time he wanted to treat me and my mom to KFC and I went with him showing him how to get there!  What my 10 y/o brain did not know was no left turn and poor old Uncle Ambrose got a ticket on our way back from KFC!  He could always find the fun in everything!  Love you always Uncle Ambrose! Hello!

Brooke Doyle on Sep 23, 2012

My favorite memory of my great uncle Ambrose has to be when there was a birthday in our household here in Imogene. He would call, ask how we were doing, make sure Grandpa Don was doing well and how are we getting along. The thing I remeber most about these phone calls is that he would always want to talk to all 5 of us, tell us something that was going on in Colorado. He loved talking to us, and many of his friends and family memebers. He wanted to feel like he was here with us on the farm and know what was going on in the community. He was a very good, funny, and social man. I've been fortunate enough to be in club volleyball and travel to Colorado for a tournamnet. In my spare time, I visited Ambrose in his Vetrans nursing home. He was "living the dream." He loved the nurses, friendly people and the activities the care center provided for him. This past Thursday it was heart breaking to hear the news because I just talked to him on Saturday September 15th (His birthday) and he was so happy to hear from us. I started to cry when I heard this sad news. We'll miss you Ambrose! We love you!

CW Fox on Sep 23, 2012

When I saw my Dad at the VA yesterday he was very quiet and when I asked him if there was anything wrong, he said my good friend has died. I knew immediately he meant "Doyle" and in ways his words say it the best, "a good friend". We only had the opportunity to know "Doyle" for a little over a year but we are so thankful to have known him at all. He was a very positive influence on my dad and to that I will always be thankful. We always enjoyed seeing him every time we saw my dad. "Doyle" was a man anyone would be proud to have as a dad. He and dad are from that great American generation, who all gave some and some gave all to make it better for this country and their kids. We only hope that all who knew "Doyle" never forget what a great guy he was and to always remind their friends and family, he would expect nothing less of them then to be good to others.

In closing, it was not the same today nor will it be in the future to go see my dad and not be able to see the "Doyle" we knew and come to love.

Our deepest sympathies to his family

CW & Terry Fox.

Patty (Doyle) Niedermyer on Sep 22, 2012

Ambrose Doyle My First Love.
I once heard that the first man a girl falls in love with is her father.
I was a teenager at the time and thought that idea sounded ridiculous.
Why would I be in love with my Dad?
How gross!
Let's Fast forward to present days....
My Dad passed away this Past Thursday September 20th, 2012.
And I've been rethinking that statement and I found it to be absolutely true.
I spent many days with him when I was out to visit him in the Colorado State Veterans Home at Fitzsimons, at Aurora, Colorado
Lying in his bed in his room. Or sitting up in his Wheel Chair,
Telling me "This wasn't Any Fun anymore"
My thoughts turned to how handsome a man he was.
He was 87 years old, just 1 week ago.
Still had his beautiful hair and looked ten years younger than most of his old mates.
I remember how a few years earlier he had gone on his outings to the Casino or out to eat
And he was worried that the people might not find him attractive.
I couldn't fathom anyone not thinking Dad was handsome.
To me, he was one of the most handsome men I knew.
My Dad was an intelligent and caring man.
He was the one person who I felt never judged me or my actions.
He loved me unconditionally and was someone I could always count on.
When I became a College Student at the age of 18, rather than drill me with questions,
He teared up and said we needed to focus on the future.
My Children have inherited all the qualities I loved about my Dad.
I Will always remember how our/ my father treated us. It ultimately contributes (at least partially) to the adults that we grew up to be. We loved our Dad.
I will forever miss my Dad, but am lucky to have all of the wonderful memories that we have shared.

Ron Hughes on Sep 20, 2012

Ambrose was very,very good to my parents when he & Don farmed across the road. Ambrose brought a bottle of Mogan David wine to my mother every Christmas. She usally took a couple of sips & would say "those guy's are really thoughtful" Kenny, we will put Ambrose & your family in our prayers.



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St. Patrick Catholic Church
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Imogene, Iowa
10:30 AM
Burial will follow in the Mount Calvary Cemetery.

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