Celebration of Life

The purpose of a funeral is to provide a way of commemorating a life and drawing together friends and family members so that they can support each other as they share memories.  Although different religious communities have created set formats or rituals that they follow in conducting funeral services, there really is not a right or a wrong way to do a funeral.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a service or commemoration is that it should be reflective of the person who has died. While religious elements may play a part, it should also include stories about the person’s life that help everyone recapture and revisit their own memories. Sometimes this is best accomplished by having friends or family members share their reflections as part of the service. Some people personalize the service with special music (which may be religious or non-religious). Others bring in pictures to have at the service. Sometimes favorite things that belonged to the deceased are integrated into the ceremony such as wood carvings, golf clubs or even a motor cycle.

The goal is to give a true sense of who this person was. There is nothing wrong with telling funny stories about the person who died: a funeral recognizes the sad event of a death, but can include humor.

Whether or not an open casket is part of the ceremony is an individual family choice. The main reason that we have any “viewing,” is because that allows people to have a physical presence to focus on when saying their goodbyes. Since most people are very visually inclined by nature, it seems to help them to see the person for the death to be “real” to them and allows them to better focus to begin to tidy up the loose ends that they have with this person. A funeral helps people begin to complete their relationship with the person who died, and sometimes seeing the body helps.

The value of the service depends on how it is constructed. Our family attempts to create funerals that leave families and friends feeling very lucky that the deceased was a part of their lives: the music, the stories, the whole nature of the person being well integrated into the service that it captures just who they were.

Funeral Services

Celebration of Life Events

Celebrations of Life with Burial, Entombment or Cremation

Helping families Celebrate a Life Lived is the most important service we provide to your family, relatives and supporting friends.  There are many ways to personalize the Celebration to reflect the uniqueness of our loved ones.  Choices vary from the Rite of the Christian Burial to One Last Party™.  Whether we host the Celebration within our facilities, at a church, park or any other suitable venue of your choosing – we can help you plan a meaningful event that reflects both your wishes and the lifestyle of your loved one.

Burial Services

Burial Services

Celebration of Life Followed by Burial

Many families we serve choose earth burial as their final disposition and resting place.  One of the benefits of an earth burial in a cemetery is that it provides family and friends with a memorial focal point to visit for years and generations to come.  Graveside committal rites can occur after a Celebration of Life at our funeral home, church or other venue.  Some families choose to perform a Graveside Celebration, in lieu of other celebration events – in those cases a visitation, gathering or reception can occur before or after the committal.

Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Celebration of Life with Cremation

Cremation, like burial or entombment, is a form of final disposition.  The cremation process reduces the body to its basic elements – which are referred to as Cremains.  Most families choose to have a Celebration of Life with a visitation, gathering or memorial reception followed by the actual cremation.  An alternative is to have the body cremated prior to the Celebration of Life.  Families then have several choices for the next step in the cremation disposition process that range from keeping the Urn that the cremains are placed in at the family’s home – to scattering at a place of endearment to the deceased – to burying the Urn in a family plot within a cemetery – to placing the Urn within a columbarium at a cemetery, church or other place of memorialization.  Our associates can help you decide which method best suits your needs and wishes.

Personalized Choices

Personalized Services

Customized to fit your family's wishes

With any Celebration of Life and final disposition you choose – our associates can help you customize and personalize the event with a variety of memorialization options that reflect the uniqueness of the life you are celebrating.  We will be happy to share examples of the personalization variations available to your family through our funeral home.